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Omanisation and In Country Value

Aligned with national policies, the Assarain Group has been achieving a rapidly increasing rate of Omanisation that grows with the passing of each year, thereby crafting genuine, career-oriented employment opportunities for the skilled youth of our nation. By prioritizing Omanisation in all our companies, we have reaffirmed our commitment to fulfilling social and national responsibilities. With our diverse business offerings, we have made significant impact in virtually every aspect of economic activity within the nation and we are proud to contribute to the nation-building process and will continue to put in our best efforts towards the progress of Oman. We unequivocally support the sentiments of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, who has underlined the growing need for collective efforts to boost Omanisation.

At Assarain, the development of human resources, which includes the recruitment, induction and training of Omani staff, is treated as a matter of great significance. We train and hone the skills of our Omani staff, and empower them to be productive in all areas of business operations. We encourage local markets by maximising the procurement of local goods and services and also improving the capability of Omani employees and companies in order to secure long-term sustainable commercial benefits for Oman. Omanisation in Assarain, is not merely limited to achieving the targets specified by the government, but also focuses on maximizing the potential of Omani employees and the advancement of their careers.

We are contributing in our own way to enhancing the In-Country Value (ICV) - the total spend retained in-country that can benefit business development, contribute to human capability development and stimulate productivity in the Omani economy. We promote products made in Oman and services provided by skilled Omanis. Efforts dedicated to developing the skills and employing national manpower and adherence to Oman's national policies are part of the way Assarain’s business is conducted. While we acknowledge and appreciate the contribution and talents of our expatriate employees, we strive to strike a symbiotic association between global and local talent and encourage the best of both worlds, in line with national labour laws.

With surefooted strides, as the Assarain Group’s fame is spreading in and beyond Oman, you can take Assarain out of Oman but you cannot take Oman out of Assarain, as national pride is an integral part of our presence!